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Why pay 2-3X what you should for care?

April 25, 2018

By Michael Jordan

“Site of service” has become a popular buzzword for people looking to save on health care costs. However, the desire to easily identify facilities that provide the best value of care for members is more than a passing fad.
Now more than ever, members and plan sponsors are demanding greater transparency, lower cost, higher quality and more convenience when accessing care. One area where “site of service” has the potential to impact overspending and waste is in high tech radiology.

Diagnostic imaging or radiology services are often associated with MRIs, CT scans and PET scans that are part of an in-patient stay or emergency room visit. However, not all radiology tests require a hospital.

There is a significant amount of imaging services being rendered in outpatient settings to health plan members resulting in lower costs. However, finding these lower cost providers requires more than just a quick Google search.

Without a model for redirection of care from high cost outpatient sites to lower cost freestanding sites, plans continue to see nearly 75% of the scans being done at a cost that is three times more expensive than needed.  The impact of these savings goes beyond limiting health plan costs, as this type of cost reduction also significantly reduces out-of-pocket costs for members.

The ideal model for consistent cost savings through redirection of care requires an extensive nationwide network of providers and care coordination backed by clinical knowledge and experience. One Call’s comprehensive nationwide radiology network has been the preferred solution for ensuring access to high-quality radiology testing at lower cost for members and employers since 1993.

With nearly 3,000 sites in group health and well north of 50% of the country’s workers’ compensation scans being scheduled by One Call, we have the breadth and depth to be an integral part of controlling your costs in a patient-centric model.

For more information contact Michael Jordan by phone or email.  973-316-3702 or Michael_jordan@onecallcm.com.



April 25, 2018

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