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Trumps Anti-Labor NLRB

April 1, 2019

By Neal Tepel

New York, NY – Employers across the country are counting on Trump to control the National Laborrb Relations Board (NLRB) and destroy the union movement.

The NLRB is the federal statute that gives employees the right to unionize and collectively bargain. The NLRB consists of five members who are appointed to five-year terms by the president upon the advice and consent of the Senate.

President Trump is fixed on appointing known union-buster’s to this influential group. The Trump board is determined to  roll back pro-union decisions dating back decades. This could be devastating to the already weakened union movement.

The NLRB has enormous ability to influence and shape American labor policy. Most claims regarding the right to organize and collectively bargain are decided by this agency. Individuals and unions cannot file claims in federal court and instead must participate in the administrative process set up by the NLRB. Although originally established as a way to try to insulate labor policy from political influences, it now is a political tool for Trump.

With private sector union membership hovering at a dismal 6.4 percent — down from about 17 percent in 1983 — nothing short of the end of the labor movement could be at stake with  Trump as President.  A few years of a Republican-controlled NLRB will be disasterous for organized labor.

April 1, 2019

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