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Transformation Of Governors Island Into Year-round Jobs

August 31, 2018

By Neal Tepel LaborPress Publisher

NEW YORK, NY — New York City has initiated the public review process for a rezoning of the southern half of Governors Island. This effort has the potential to unlock up to 4.5 million square feet of commercial, academic, cultural and institutional development that would add thousands of jobs to the city. The rezoning will allow new development areas to support the job producing industries that represent the future of the Big Apple.

“Governors Island’s 43-acre park has made it the jewel of New York Harbor,” said Mayor de Blasio. “The Island is now set to dramatically expand its role in our city’s economy as we turn its southern half into a center of innovation and education.”

The proposed rezoning covers 33 acres on the southern half of Governors Island, across two zones previously established for new development as part of a 2010 Park and Public Space Master Plan. The sites include a 7 acre parcel on the western side of the Island with sweeping views of the Statue of Liberty and an expansive 26 acre parcel on the Island’s eastern shore that together have 4.5 million square feet of development potential.

While a federal deed restriction established as part of the 2003 transfer of the Island to New York precludes any full-time residential uses on the Island, this plan will make way for more commercial, academic and research uses that will complement the Island’s existing character as a popular recreational and cultural destination.

“Thanks to almost a decade’s worth of substantial city and philanthropic investment, Governors Island is already a destination for recreation, relaxation and culture for nearly a million visitors annually. This rezoning represents the next step in marrying the Island’s rich history with its future role as a global hub for convening, the arts, tech, and education,” said Alicia Glen, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development.

August 31, 2018

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