Tic Outbreak in Some Upstate Schools

Tic Outbreak in Some Upstate Schools

February 13, 2012
Around Town – By Neal Tepel

As mentioned on Today Show, CNN, NBC Nightly News, CNN and Dr Drew, there is a bizarre outbreak of Tourette’s-like symptoms among school children in two upstate NY villages- Le Roy, SW of Rochester, and Corinth, north of Albany on the Hudson River, but above where the PCBs enter. 

Affected are children ages 13-19; no apparent commonalities, contrary to rumors, not all or even most are cheerleaders, and not all are female; and now a few adult cases. First case May 2011, none in the summer, then by the end of December a total of 15 cases, and 3-4 more in Jan 2012. No outbreaks during vacations.

Children are reported more tic-free/healthier at home than at school. The pattern strongly suggests school-based exposures.

February 12, 2012

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