The Daily Read – June 16, 2011

By Erica Varlese

Yesterday’s union rally at City Hall was shut down by police.

Bloombergville participants continue to protest Mayor Bloomberg’s city-wide budget cuts.

Rent regulations expired last night and voting is at a standstill while Republicans push for a property tax cap. If rent regulations are not renewed, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers would lose their rent stabilized apartments.

Union officials were in talks with Macy’s management into the early hours of the morning as a last ditch effort to avoid a strike by Macy’s union workers today.

Media Matters offers an in-depth analysis of right-wing attacks on President Obama’s statement that businesses are investing more in automated machines than hiring new employees.

States across the nation are opting to make public-sector employees contribute a larger amount of their salary to their pension.

Consumer prices rose last month for items such as food, clothing, and housing. Consumer inflation has risen 3.6 percent in total over the last year.

May 26, 2011

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