The Daily Read – June 13, 2011

By Erica Varlese

A leaked memo revealed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s first round of layoffs will begin July 15th.

The New York Times published an in-depth piece on the life of labor activist, Gus Tyler.

Labor leaders comment on the fatal Virginia bus crash, stating that industry standards push drivers and don’t allow for enough rest.

Ford Motor Co. is planning to lay off 150 workers in its Buffalo, NY plant.

A former waitress at Tonic East wrote a controversial account of her last day at the restaurant, which included being stiffed by clients and forced to pay the $120 bill.

Victor Alvarez has officially been nominated for the presidency of the New York City Central Labor Council.

Four teens share their quest for summer jobs as they face a changing job market for their age bracket.

May 25, 2011

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