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Technology contributes to health plan satisfaction

October 16, 2018

By Michelle Zettergren

According to a new JD Power consumer study, advanced technology platforms can improve health plan performance for payors. It plays a key role in health plan member satisfaction.

To improve the customer experience, MagnaCare has recently rolled out a new service technology platform that improves how members interact with their MagnaCare health plans – including easier navigation, self-service tools that allow members to manage their health plan benefits, and a color-coded Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that makes it easier for members to understand what was paid.

The new service platform, powered by Create® technology, can support MagnaCare and Create health plans. Members who have migrated to the new service platform are thrilled with the user-friendly portal and the mobile app that gives them anywhere, anytime access to their health plan information, including their ID card.

“Our members couldn’t be happier with the new mobile app,” said Michael Smith, President of Local 810, which has recently migrated to MagnaCare’s new service platform. “It is receiving widespread accolades.”

Contact your MagnaCare account manager or info@magnacare.com to find out more about improving your member satisfaction using our new service technology platform.


October 16, 2018

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