Security Officers Prepared to Strike

May 21, 2012
About 45 security officers who work for US Security Associates at Sony’s North American headquarters on Madison Avenue hit the streets on Friday, May 18 to protest against the security company’s unfair labor practices. 32BJ represents about 15,000 security officers in the City and is trying to organize the 45 workers into its ranks. One worker who’s been at Sony for seven years said he’s on his feet for most of the day, except for his half-hour lunch break. He just had knee surgery, which would not have been possible without being on his wife’s health plan. With no health care benefits, and no pension plan, 401(k) or profit sharing, the workers are demanding better economic terms. The security officers voted on May 2 to strike if the company doesn’t stop its harassment and intimidation of the security officers and other unlawful actions that it has engaged in to date to stop them from organizing. 

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May 21, 2012

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