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Rob Astorino and Scott Walker are Enemies of Labor

June 10, 2014
By Harry Nespoli

Statement from Harry Nespoli, Chairperson of the Municipal Labor Committee and President of The Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association, Local 831, On the Fundraiser for Rob Astorino with Governor Scott Walker.

“The ability for workers to organize and have a union is an American right. While some politicians have tried to limit these rights in the past, Scott Walker took it to the extreme. His agenda is to completely do away with unions and collective bargaining.

He single-handedly destroyed Wisconsin’s municipal unions without a care for what it did to workers and their families.
“He has no business coming to New York and it is outrageous that a candidate for public office in New York is seeking his support. Rob Astorino should rescind his invitation immediately. This is a slap in the face to every hard working New Yorker and frankly it says a lot about Rob Astorino’s priorities and the tone of his campaign. No union member should ever consider voting for him if this is who he associates with and whose policies he supports. Mr. Astorino owes an apology to the hard working people of our great State.”

June 9, 2014

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