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Pay Hike for Postal Union Members

August 22, 2013
By Neal Tepel

Washington, DC – A pay hike for members of the American Postal Workers Union will be part of a scheduled cost of living adjustment negotiated in 2010. Two months after the COLA goes into effect on Sept. 7, APWU employees will receive an across-the-board 1.5 percent pay increase.

“Cost-of-living increases are an important part of our pay package,” APWU president Cliff Guffey said in a statement announcing the precise amount. “Combined with percentage pay raises, they help our members achieve financial security.”

In addition to a pay raise a recent arbitration decision is a significant win for the APWU. An arbitrator has ruled that any time USPS hires a subcontractor, it must first notify APWU of the decision. This should put pressure on the post office not to hire outside contractors.

“The ruling gives locals a tool to fight for the creation of additional duty assignments by ensuring they are aware of subcontracting decisions,” Guffey said.“This is a major victory in our battle to protect jobs,” he added.

August 21, 2013

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