NYC To Place Security Cameras in Subway Cars

July 23, 2014
By Stephanie West

New York, NY – New York City, one of the largest rapid transit systems in the world is now considering the placement of security cameras in subway cars to deter crime. Finally New York is following Chicago’s lead with a program that will further improve subway car safety. Although there are currently more than 4,000 surveillance cameras installed in the subway system, none have been placed in subway cars.

Currently, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is studying the pros and cons of the potential installation.

John Samuelsen, President of Transport Workers Union Local 100, states, “Cameras are ubiquitous throughout the systems. Why not inside train cars? Anything that improves security and helps our conductors keep riders safe is a positive.” Crime on New York subways has decreased over the last decade. However, an excessive number of felony crimes amounting to an average of 5.9 felony arrests per day continues, concluded Samuelsen.

Recommended MTA tips on protecting yourself during a subway commute include: Turning expensive jewelry with gems towards your palm. Men should keep their wallets in their front pocket and women should hold their purse in front of them. Keep your electronics hidden. Ride in the conductor’s car. If someone in a car is pressing against you inappropriately, yell at them, blow a whistle or do anything that will attract attention. Carry pepper spray and a whistle that can be quickly retrieved. Stay alert and don't dose off in a subway car.

July 22, 2014

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