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NYC Initiative for Minority & Woman Businesses

September 22, 2018

By Neal Tepel

NEW YORK, NY – New York City will connect Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) to City agencies through a new event series called M/WBE Borough Forums. The series will provide an opportunity for non-certified companies to learn how to do business with the City.

“Our City works best when everyone – regardless of race, gender or ethnicity – have the resources they need to participate in our economy,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “With this series, we’re bringing business opportunities directly to our diverse and talented New Yorkers who provide our City with a variety of goods and services. It’s just another way we’re creating the fairest big city in America.”

The event series, which will be run by the Department of Small Business Services and the Office of M/WBEs, is part of the Big Apple’s larger commitment to increase M/WBE participation in City contracting. This includes: Awarding $20 Billion to M/WBEs by end of FY 2025. Certifying 9,000 M/WBEs by end of FY 2019. Awarding 30 percent of the value of all City contracts by end of FY 2021.

“With this first-time series, we’re stepping up the City’s already aggressive efforts to increasingly provide opportunity to M/WBEs,” said Phil Thompson, NYC Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives. “Mayor de Blasio is investing in minority and women-owned businesses at record levels because we know that when these types of businesses succeed, so do communities.”

At the forums, M/WBEs will be able to connect with City agencies to learn about current and upcoming contracting opportunities. M/WBEs also will have the opportunity to learn how to certify their business with government entities; sign up for mentorship programs and workshops; market their business to City government; and access affordable loans to perform on City contracts

“This Administration continues to breakdown historic barriers faced by minority and women-owned businesses, specifically barriers to accessing government contracts” said Jonnel Doris, Senior Advisor and Director of the Mayor’s Office of M/WBEs.“M/WBEs are vital to their local economies and communities, this new event series brings much needed resources and opportunities directly to these firms allowing them to continue to grow and thrive.”

For more information on forums in all  boroughs, contact bizhelp@sbs.nyc.gov.

September 22, 2018

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