Mayor Must Negotiate to End School Bus Strike

February 7, 2013
Helen Rosenthal

“I'm proud to stand with the workers of Amalgamated Transit Union1181 in support of safer transportation for all kids in our public schools.  The Mayor’s refusal to negotiate in good faith with the union and his ongoing efforts to strip quality, experienced bus drivers of their job protections does not serve our city, our schools or our children fairly.  Every parent knows the silent fear we feel the first time we let our kids leave our sides to go to school. 

Having experienced, skilled drivers that we can trust with our children’s safety is not something that should ever be taken out of our reach, especially by a Mayor who seems more interested in scoring political points in his ongoing battles against public sector unions than he is with providing safe, quality transportation for our kids.  While resources may be tight, the answer to making sure we have a yellow bus system that we can afford will only be found when they Mayor is willing to sit down with the union and negotiate in good faith for a system that is efficient, affordable and fair. That is what ATU workers have been asking for since the beginning. That is what parents across the city are demanding now. The Mayor should be committing the full force of his office to seeing that it happens."

Helen Rosenthal is Chair of ParentJobNet and a city council candidate for the 6th District in Manhattan.

February 7, 2013

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