Letter to the Editor – Let Occupy Wall Street Stay

Letter to the Editor – Let Occupy Wall Street Stay

October 31, 2011
By Bill Lipton

As winter approaches, tarps and sleeping bags won't be enough. Help make sure cold weather doesn't end the Occupy Wall Street protest. It got pretty chilly this weekend. Next week will surely be cooler.

The protest – which has focused the eyes of the world on corporate greed and economic inequality – is free speech in action. But without shelter, the protesters occupying Wall Street down at Zuccotti Park could be frozen out and forced to an early end.

Occupy protests from Boston to Philadelphia to Seattle have been allowed to put up tents to provide shelter and warmth. But down at Wall Street, tents are against the rules. Even the protest's medical tent was nearly removed before the activists' impassioned defense saved it.

Let the protesters stay — let them set up tents.

October 30, 2011

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