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Legislation Requires Carbon Monoxide Detector System in New Buildings

April 29, 2014
By Tam Phan

New York, NY — Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation that amends the New York City building code, as it relates to carbon monoxide detectors in certain places of assembly spaces. This legislation requires a carbon monoxide detector system in new buildings with assembly spaces, if the building has a fire alarm system. Existing buildings will be grandfathered in and will only be required to install the carbon monoxide detector system when they replace their fire alarm system. The bill was approved by the City Council at the Stated Meeting on April 10.

“This important bill amends the New York City building code to increase the number of life-saving carbon monoxide detectors in our city,” said Mayor Bill de Blaiso. “Each year, about 200 people are hospitalized because of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, and people are dying needlessly. I’d also like to thank the City Council—especially the bill’s sponsor, Council Member Vinny Ignizio, and the Housing and Buildings Committee Chair, Council Member Jumaane Williams—for adopting this important legislation, which makes all of us safer.”

April 29, 2014

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