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It Makes A Difference When You’re in a Union

September 7, 2019

By Bill Caramico, IUOE Local 94 Member

On Labor Day president Trump said that union members should not pay union dues.  

My answer to Mr trump is this  – you call yourself a good business man, well here are a few facts.  Yes I pay union dues, I have a well paying job, My family has healthcare, I have a nice pension and very good Annuity, sick days, vacations days, floating holidays and I live in the middle class. Yes I worked hard for all of this, but thanks to my union, myself and my family have had a good life. Oh and one more thing,  Daddy did not give me 2 million dollars to start my career.  

So until the day you and your friends can match the deal I have been a union member, as far as a person talking about Labor. YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!

September 7, 2019

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