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Healthplex – Your Resource for Preventive Dental Care

April 30, 2018

By Brett Robinson & Lyndsay Desmarais

Being the dental experts comes with great responsibility and Healthplex has taken that challenge head on. It is no longer just about selling dental insurance, but it’s also about providing the essential preventive care techniques and encouraging good oral health practices to the community. As one of the very few dental insurance companies with an Outreach team, Healthplex aims to improve the oral health of the youth in the community, including the children of so many union workers in the area.

It is all about preventive care and that’s a key message Healthplex is beginning to push as they become the resource for all things oral health. Established almost a decade ago, a special team of oral health educators and hygienists brings a unique twist on dental education to many communities throughout New York. These experts make up the Outreach Team at Healthplex and through hands-on teaching and demonstrations, they are able to emphasize the importance of brushing twice a day, flossing, drinking water, and the many other ways to maintain good oral health. Many unions have taken advantage of this program, whether it is at union family picnics or certain school districts populated by union workers.

In 2017 over 21,000 youth, ages 2-21, participated in this program and Healthplex plans to increase that number for 2018. Healthplex selects schools in low-income and working class communities that would benefit the most from their outreach events – schools attended by the children of so many union workers attend. After an interactive presentation, each child receives a free dental screening and a report that explains the condition of their teeth. Depending on the results, Healthplex will follow up with the parents to reiterate the importance of bringing their child to the dentist immediately and will help them find the closest dentist and/or an affordable plan if they do not already have coverage.

Healthplex cares about those within the community. They don’t just tell you what needs to be done, but they’ll help you get it done. Through these philanthropic outreach efforts, Healthplex is giving back to the same communities that you as Unions serve on a daily basis. We would love to come to your next family picnic, visit your child’s school, or come to the next event your community is hosting. To schedule an event or to find out more about our affordable plans, visit healthplex.com or call us at 800-468-0600.

April 30, 2018

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