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Governor Salutes U.S. Marines

November 11, 2013
By Diane Cohen

Albany, NY – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo joined with all Americans in wishing a happy birthday to the United States Marine Corps. The Marine Corps was established by the Second Continental Congress on November 10, 1775.

“Today we recognize the 238th anniversary of the founding of the United States Marine Corps,” Governor Cuomo said. “The Marine Corps represents the tip of the spear of our Armed Forces, and we are eternally grateful to the brave marines who serve or have served our State and Nation.”

Today, more than 10,800 New Yorkers are proudly serving on active duty as Marines and another 1900 serve in the Marine Corps Reserves. From the Continental Marines of the Revolutionary War to the men and women currently serving around the globe, marines throughout history have risen time and again to the challenges that our Nation has encountered.

November 8, 2013

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