General Motors Adds Jobs in Lansing

August 21, 2014
By Stephanie West

Lansing, MIchigan – Michigan-based car giant General Motors has announced a $174 million stamping facility at the Lansing Grand River Assembly plant, expected to create almost 200 jobs. The new facility will produce stamping components for the Cadillac ATS and Cadillac CTS family of vehicles and “a future product,” General Motors said in a press release. Its expected that Lansing will be the site of the next Camaro.

“We can tell you it’s to handle current product and future products, and one of the future products that’s been announced so far is the Camaro,” said Lansing Regional Plant Manager Tony Francavilla. Including this stamping plant, GM has announced $530 million in investments in its Lansing area manufacturing since 2009.

The facility is expected to be operational by 2016 and will also include a $45 million logistics center. The company estimates it will save about $14 million per year in logistics costs tied to material handling.

"I think I can speak for all of the UAW members at General Motors' Lansing Grand River plant when I say we are thrilled to have this additional investment in the plant and the jobs it will create in the community," said UAW Region 1D Director Gerald Kariem.

August 20, 2014

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