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Federal Employees Finally Get a Raise

January 15, 2015
By Stephanie West

Washington, DC – Federal employees will be getting a 3.8 percent pay raise by 2016 thanks to new legislation. The president of the American Federation of Government Employees National President, J. David Cox, said it was long overdue. 

“A 3.8 percent pay raise would help federal employees recover some of that lost income, and encourage high caliber workers to work for the government and provide the high quality work that taxpayers expect," he said. 

The House bill was introduced by Representative Gerry Connolly of Virginia, while the Senate bill was introduced by Sens. Brian Schatz of Hawaii and Ben Cardin of Maryland.

“For years, federal employees have been bearing the brunt of policies that put slashing the deficit ahead of creating new jobs, and lost $159 billion in earnings because of it,” Cox said. “A 3.8 percent increase would provide employees with the fair and meaningful raise that they have earned for the first time this decade.”

January 15, 2015

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