Credit Repair Can’t Be Restored Through Non-Profits

February 19, 2013
Chris Caggiano

Unfortunately, not true. And this is why: The purpose of organizations like CCCS is to offer counseling services for consumers who are deeply in debt and seeking to avoid bankruptcy. Credit repair is not their function. Plus, many CCCS' are funded and controlled by – you guessed it – credit grantors and credit bureaus!

So, when your creditors see involvement with a CCCS on your credit report, you have just waved an enormous red flag in their faces! Do not use these services for credit repair!

If you do have to use a debt counseling service, check its legitimacy with the appropriate state agency first. And, by all means, if a service promises you quick debt reduction and/or charges high up front fees, run the other way! It is a scam that could ruin your financial reputation!

February 18, 2013

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