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Brooklyn Dems Salute Attorney William Schwitzer

June 24, 2013
By Joe Maniscalco

Attorney William Schwitzer.

Attorney William Schwitzer.

Brooklyn, NY – The Brooklyn Independent Democrats [BID] are hailing superstar attorney William Schwitzer, partner in the the law firm of Dinkes & Schwitzer, as “a strong voice for the labor movement and working class families.” 

“Although his success in law is admirable, that is only one reason for his presence here tonight,” the Honorable Alice Fisher Rubin told guests on Thursday, June 20, in Flatbush. “Mr. Schwitzer is the son of Holocaust survivors, raised on a farm and instilled with the values of hard work, the importance of family, and giving back to the community. He is a humanitarian who believes passionately in the rights of injured people beyond the doors of the courtroom.”  

Schwitzer, who is a regular contributor to the weekly radio show “Protecting Your Rights,”  and won a $10 million motor vehicle accident verdict in 2010 – the largest in New York State history – said that he was “humbled” by the BID award. 

“I know the importance of protecting people’s rights, the rights of individuals, people that have been persecuted, people that cannot stand up for themselves,” Schwitzer said. “We have been fighting really hard, not only in the borough of Brooklyn, but throughout the City of New York, for the rights of injured workers who do everything they can to make this a better city to work in, live in, raise your family in. And I think it’s important for someone such as myself to be able to give back to them when they have given their bodies and their lives to make this a more beautiful city.”

Outgoing Borough President Marty Markowitz, Kings County Democratic Chairman Frank Seddio and State Committeewoman/District Leader 44 AD Lori Citron Knipel were also among the BID honorees. 

June 24, 2013

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