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APWU and Postal Service Continue Negotiating

June 1, 2015
By Neal Tepel

Washington, DC – While the May 20th deadline for negotiations, the day the current contract expired,  came and went, the United States Postal Service and American Postal Workers Union continue to negotiate for a contract. APWU said in a May statement that the biggest roadblock comes with Postal Service's demands for reduced benefits and a lower pay scale.

"Management scuttled the prospect of reaching a deal before the deadline by insisting on a permanent, new lower pay scale and reduced benefits for future career employees as well as givebacks in pay and benefits for current career workers," Dimondstein said.

The union is considering mediation If the extended bargaining fails to lead to an agreement, Dimondstein said. However, we are  optimistic that a contract can be settled. We made progress in negotiations on many important work-floor issues and I believe we'll come to an agreement, continued  Dimondstein.

"We were unable to reach a negotiated settlement," said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. "We were too far apart on wages and benefits. But we are going to work hard over the course of the next week to see if we can narrow the differences."

May 30, 2015

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