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Top 10 Tax Breaks You’ll Miss in 2014

…drops to $130.   7.     Energy efficient home improvements and property: The non-business energy property credit offset some of the costs associated with the installation of energy efficient qualified home…

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UA Expands Pipeline Training in Canada

…of the United States and Canada is a multi-craft union whose members are engaged in the fabrication, installation and servicing of piping systems. There are approximately 326,000 UA members who…

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NYC To Place Security Cameras in Subway Cars

…4,000 surveillance cameras installed in the subway system, none have been placed in subway cars. Currently, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is studying the pros and cons of the potential installation….

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School-Repair Workers Win $400G Back Pay

…from 2006 to 2010, doing jobs like installing thermal insulation, fixing and replacing windows, and floor covers, and working on chain-link fences in city public schools. Department of Education contractors…

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Plumbers: NYC’s Lifesavers!

…the center’s loading dock, meanwhile, has been cannily transformed into a real-world workshop dedicated to the installation of solar thermal collectors. And the CAD drafting room located back upstairs, maintains…

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AFGE on Workplace Flexibilities

…embrace these flexibilities.” For instance, management at the National Science Foundation initially rejected attempts by AFGE Local 3403 to establish a telework policy for bargaining unit employees until the union…

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Schumer Urging DOT to Address Driver Fatigue

…groups representing truckers support installing the black boxes, including the American Trucking Association and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  The DOT initially launched the electronic logging device rulemaking process four…

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