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Yet Another Union Member ‘Making A Commitment To Making Things Better…

September 10, 2016  
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell  

Lancaster, NY – Much has been written on the elected officials who once represented the Western New York Towns of Cheektowaga and Lancaster, and the Villages of Lancaster, Depew and Sloan, as New York State’s 143rd New York State Assembly representative.

 While the sordid story of scandal, sexual harassment, abuse of power and overall constituency disappointment is a well-known one here in Western New York, Labor-endorsed Candidate Monica Wallace is aiming to change that after making the decision to get into the race in order to make things better for those who live, work and raise their families across the district.

The United University Professions (UUP) Union Member, an attorney who now teaches at the State University at New York (SUNY) Buffalo Law School, is the latest in long line of Union Members and Activists across Western New York who’ve made a decision to run for public office over the past several years.

Wallace (Pictured Below/ Photo) is facing off against an opponent in the September 13th Democratic Primary who also carries with her a tarnished past, one that Wallace hopes will have voters focusing more on reform than voting for an individual who could bring more unneeded baggage to a seat that has already endured enough shame.

“I am an ‘outsider’ to the process,” Lancaster resident Wallace told during a recent sit-down interview.  “I worked in the Federal Court System where you had to ‘serve with the highest integrity.’  There’s been ‘a lot of frustration’ (from the district’s constituency) with the ‘incompetency’ of those who’ve served the district.  The question was: ‘Why aren’t there better people running?’  So, I thought, there were ‘two’ choices: ‘Do nothing’ or ‘run as someone who will bring about change.’” To read more click on the following link

September 10, 2016

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