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Working Families Need New Champions

Working Families Need New Champions

August 23, 2012
By Brad Holyman

Democratic Candidate for the New York State Senate, 27th District

Like the State Senator I’m hoping to succeed, Tom Duane, I’m running to be a champion for working New Yorkers. The aftermath of the recession has widened the income gap between the rich and poor, making it more important than ever to fight for the right to organize. Add to this economic situation the Republican attack on the fundamental right to organize, and it’s clear that working families need new champions. If I’m elected to the State Senate, I’ll make sure that labor gets a fair shake in Albany, safeguard public pensions, and ensure that the rights of all working New Yorkers are protected.

Promoting economic fairness and creating jobs are two of my biggest priorities. First, we must have fair wages in the State of New York so that everyone can make ends meet. New York lags behind eighteen other states that have already raised the minimum wage. It’s unacceptable that today in New York, a family of two earning the minimum wage is living below the poverty line. Not only do we need a minimum wage increase, but we also need to index it to the rate of inflation in order to prevent this important issue from continuing to be a bargaining chip for Senate Republicans. And we must push for overdue reforms like the New York Fair Pay Act to ensure that women are paid equally in the workforce.

Moreover, we must invest in our infrastructure. We can no longer ignore the fact that our state’s bridges, tunnels, subways and other major infrastructure are deteriorating.  We need to invest in repairs and upgrades to New York’s aging infrastructure not only to create thousands of good paying union jobs, but also to save money in the long run. Finally, we must address the issue of the chronically unemployed through measures such as creating training and reemployment programs, strengthening inner-city youth employment programs, and maximizing employment opportunities at public housing facilities.

I have a long track record in my community as the Chair of Manhattan Community Board 2 and Democratic District Leader. During this time, I have fought for tenants’ rights and affordable housing and helped secure new public schools and parks in the district. I also helped lead efforts to support fair wage legislation and union work in the district.

As my campaign moves ahead, I am proud to have received the strong support of labor and its allies, including the Working Families Party, 1199 SEIU, CWA Local 1101, IAFF Local 854, IUPAT District Council 9, Mason Tenders’ District Council, New York Hotel Trades Council, SEIU 32BJ, UAW Region 9A, UFADBA, UFCW Local 1500 and USA Local 831. I hope to continue to attract labor support and look forward to hearing from others in the labor community.

You can learn more about my State Senate campaign at It’s my goal to follow in Tom Duane’s footsteps and be a champion of working families. With your help and guidance, I will.

August 23, 2012

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