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WNY Unions Join With Area Community Groups To Send A ‘Strong Message…

February 11, 2017 
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell
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Williamsville, NY – U.S. Congressman Chris Collins drew the ire of nearly 100 area Union Members and representatives of several Community Groups on Tuesday (February 7th), who gathered outside his Suburban Buffalo Congressional Office to deliver a “strong message:”

“Stop using fear and hate to distract us from the ‘real threats’ to Working Families.”

Under the banner of “Reject Trump’s Unconstitutional Muslim Ban!,” they gathered outside Collins’ 27th District Congressional office on Wherle Drive in Williamsville to speak before walking in to formally register their complaints against the Congressman’s stance in the wake of President Trump’s controversial ban of Muslim Immigrants that has currently been derailed in the Federal Courts (pictured above/Photo Courtesy of Buffalo AFL-CIO Labor Council President John Mudie).

Collins’ constituents, including a number of Union Representatives, called on the Western New York Congressman to “stop using fear and hate to distract us from the ‘real threats’ to Working Families, such as wage theft and insider trading.”

“As a Collins’ constituent, I am ‘against the ban and the building of a wall on the Mexican border,’” Tom Roulley, a Lewiston resident who serves as the Political Legislative Committee Chairman for the Western New York Communications Workers of America (CWA) Council and who spoke at the event, told “We are citizens and constituents of Congressman Collins who ‘have the right to speak up and say that this is wrong.’  Today’s gathering ‘was not just with Labor Unions.’  It was ‘very diverse’ and ‘we came together’ to let the Congressman know we will ‘hold him accountable.’  We will ‘not let up on this issue and he needs to listen to us or he will be targeted (in his re-election bid).”

“We ‘have to learn from history,’” Roulley told Your On-Line Labor Newspaper.  “There were Japanese internment camps in our country during a time when elected leaders ‘used fear to justify doing so.’  Now, ‘it’s the same thing’ – a ‘fear’ of ‘Muslims.’  Banning ‘all’ Muslims and ‘building a wall will not make us safer.’”

February 10, 2017

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