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With Healthplex, You Aren’t Just a Member, But a Part of the Family

March 28, 2018

By Lyndsay Desmarais

Healthplex was created in 1977 by two New York dentists who saw the growing demand for affordable dental insurance within the union community and decided to do something about it.

Their mission was simple — to provide access to high-quality affordable dental care and to improve the oral health of the public. With determination, they achieved that goal and became the trusted dental insurance company for unions. Focusing specifically on dental insurance, Healthplex has flourished to an impressive 420 employees and is the company known to control the cost of dental care and successfully manage dental expenses for labor unions, municipalities, school districts, families, healthcare companies and businesses of all sizes.

As the top dental provider in the region, not only does Healthplex provide access to a superior network, but they show members the same personalized and friendly service as when the company was first founded.

Headquartered in Long Island, all of their employees are as local as the over 3 million members they serve.  The operations of the entire company are all under one roof, making it easy for any and all problems to be resolved quickly and efficiently. The customer service representative you called to inquire about the claim you submitted can put you on a brief hold as they walk over to the person processing your claim, getting you real time information you can’t find anywhere else. From the account services team who manages your union’s plan to the claims department who makes sure you and your dentist are paid, everyone works together to give you the best experience possible.

Whether you are looking for a new customized dental plan for your union, wish to have your existing dental program redesigned, or simply want to lower your overall dental costs, Healthplex can offer all of that for your union and more!  Call 1-800-468-0600, or visit healthplex.com and find out how Healthplex can get you the dental care you deserve.


March 28, 2018

3 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “With Healthplex, You Aren’t Just a Member, But a Part of the Family”

  1. Carol Orloff says:

    Great Place to work. Worked there 18 years until I retired to Florida. Made many lasting friendships.

  2. Sue k says:

    Wonderful company to work for I worked there for 28years and just retired this past July

  3. Gigi says:

    Awesome place to work. Great bosses. They always made time for you! Excellent benefits! We all had a ball regardless of department! I was hired for Customer Service Department and was made supervisor within a couple of years. Was sad to leave. Husband and I had moved to Florida.

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