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Wisconsin Billionaire Walker Backer John Menard Is Breaking National Labor Law At Menard’s In Fourteen States

April, 3, 2016
By Doug Cunningham 

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Milwaukee, WI – Billionaire, Koch brother ally and Scott Walker political contributor John Menard is breaking labor law at Menard's, a company with more than 300 facilities in fourteen states.

The National Labor Relations Board says it's contacted Menard's demanding an end to the labor law violations. The board is seeking a national order forcing Menard's to respect the law and its workers' rights.

They included threatening managers with 60 percent pay reductions if workers form unions at Menard's and imposing mandatory employment/arbitration agreements on Menard's workers which preclude employees from engaging in lawful "concerted activities" to exercise their labor rights.

OPEIU Local 153 attorney Seth Goldstein filed the numerous unfair labor practice charges against Menard's.

[Seth Goldstein]: "The NLRB has reviewed our charges and investigated and they have found that the company has violated several sections of the National Labor Relations Act. The mandatory arbitration provisions are illegal. And they found that in each case the agreement prevented employees from filing charges with the National Labor Relations Board. And in at least one case they failed to provide the employees with the opportunity to file class actions in court, which of course is also violative of the National Labor Relations Act."

The NLRB says Menard's is also breaking labor law when it comes to its merit evaluations policies "by discriminatorily refusing to provide merit pay determinations to employees who engaged in protected concerted and/or union activities".

[Seth Goldstein]: "Probably half the people have not gotten their merit raises because of their merit evaluations. And of course, you don't even know whether or not these employees were ever shown their merit evaluations. I mean, you can't really trust what the company is saying. We're going to have to rely on employees coming forward. And then on our investigation if we find a case of at least one of them where the company wasn't truthful, then we can then go back to the NLRB and force them to investigate all the merit evaluations."

Goldstein urges Menard's workers to contact OPEIU Local 153 if they believe they've ben hurt by Menard's labor law violations.

John Menard is extremely anti-union. He gave $1.5 million to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's campaign in the recall election Walker faced after Walker stripped public secret workers of their collective bargaining rights. To hear the audio click the following link

April 3, 2016

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