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Wind Farms Provide Future Energy & Jobs

December 2, 2016 
By Stephanie West

Block Island, RI – The Deepwater Wind’s Block Island Wind Farm off the coast of Rhode Island is a model for our future energy needs. Offshore wind energy is an opportunity to reduce pollution, create thousands of local jobs, stabilize electric rates, and protect people and wildlife from climate change. The Block Island Wind Farm has kickstarted a new American industry.

“The quality jobs created by this project are a great start for America’s offshore wind industry,” said Michael G. Williams, vice president of strategic development of the BlueGreen Alliance. “Rhode Island residents and its environment will be benefitting for years to come from the clean energy these turbines will generate. This project is yet another example of how good, union jobs can be created by America’s clean energy economy, with hopefully much more to come in both construction and manufacturing.”

Offshore wind power is America’s largest untapped clean energy opportunity. Countries around the world are mobilizing to tap into this booming global offshore wind industry that currently supports more than 75,000 jobs in both coastal and inland communities overseas. A recent Department of Energy analysis found that a robust offshore wind industry in the United States could support more than 160,000 jobs by 2050.

December 2, 2016

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