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December 6, 2015
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

As the UAW strike against Kohler continues the union says a Kohler UAW Local 833 Workers Relief Fund has been set up to help strikers most in need. To donate to that fund contact UAW Local 833. Donations can be material like food or cash.

The Kohler strikers have gotten support from other union borthers and sisters across Wisconsin.
[IBEW and USW Kohler Strike Supporters]: "My name's Curt Brauer. I'm the business rep for IBEW Local 494 – Kettle Moraine area. We also encompass all of the Milwaukee area. I'm here showin' support for our UAW brothers. Stick together. You know, united we stand, divided we fall, so… I am Debbie Anderson from the USW – Harley Davidson, Menominee Falls. I'm out here to support the picketers. I'm here to support the union cause."

  • The Teamsters unfair labor practice strike against Coca-Cola Refreshments is on, with more than 300 Teamsters hitting the picket lines early Thursday morning. Teamsters Joint Council 25 spokesman Will Petty says the company was stalling and not bargaining in good faith and allowed the labor contract to expire without a new agreement.

[Will Petty]: "Unfortunately the company has engaged in one delay tactic after another to prolong these negotiations. Stretched them out without any real intention of reaching a fair agreement. And that right there is the root of so many of the unfair labor practice charges that Local 727 has filed against the company."

  • Paul McKeough is one of more than a thousand nurses SEIU nurses fighting to defend their health care benefits at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center in California. SEIU 121RN did an informational picket at the hospital Tuesday. If hospital management succeeds in having the nurses pay more for their health care, veteran nurses will get just a 1 percent pay raise. McKeough says morale is high among the SEIU nurses as they push for a fair contract that keeps their health care benefits intact.

[Paul McKeough]: “It’s a takeaway. In the end it’s takin’ away from our wages and our benefits at a time when we need health care for all. We need to stand up for what we already have and not to allow any corporation or organization take away your health care benefits when it’s somethin’ that should be a fundamental right.”

  • With strong political and campus support, Columbia University's graduate Workers of Columbia – UAW union is rallying on campus Friday. Union organizer Paul Katz says they are urging the university to respect the democratic choice of the grad students to organize a union. Katz says a strong majority of the grad student workers support the union.

[Paul Katz]: "From the moment we went public a year ago we've enjoyed strong majority support, we've built networks across all of the departments on campus. To hear the audio click the following link

December 6, 2015

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