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Will De Blasio Be a One-term Mayor ??

March 3, 2015
By Louis G. Albano, DC 37 Retirees Political Action Chair

Didn't we hear this about President Obama? Well he won two terms with overwhelming majorities. Who are these people that are saying Mayor De Blasio will serve one term? He won with 75% of the vote. Are their memories that short?

In his first year in office, look at what he accomplished:
1. As a result of De Blasio's policy regarding stop-and-frisk the numbers of such stops went from over 700,000 to under 100,000.
Certainly Black and Latino voters want to see that policy continue and would vote for Mayor De Blasio.
2. The "Head Start and After School" programs were expanded. Fifty thousand more children were given the opportunity to enroll in these programs. The Mayor has promised to expand these programs even further. Parents are provided a safe place for their children and are able to look for and maintain employment.
Certainly parents who have small and young children want to see these programs continue. They would vote for Major De Blasio.
3. Immigrants and others are being provided with "The City's Municipal ID Program (IDNYC)."  Over 200,000 have filed a request for an appointment. Once they have their identity cards they will be able to travel with less fear about being stopped.
Certainly all of these people would vote again for Mayor De Blasio.
4. Over 400,000 people demonstrated to support "Black Lives Count." This was a very peaceful demonstration and the police made very few arrests.
Certainly people who want to see this cooperation with the police continue would vote for Mayor De Blasio.
The mayor is moving to provide; Affordable Housing; Rent Control with stronger protections; and provided one of the lowest rent increases for rent controlled and rent stabilized apartments. He has settled contracts with  public service unions which have over 300,000 members (Only Police Officers are left) and is continuing to work on this settlement. He is moving to reduce the number of provisional appointments and provide permanent civil service jobs and to reduce the "Outsourcing" of civil servant jobs by moving the work "In-house," and he has raised the minimum salaries of low paid workers.
All these actions are providing opportunities for low and middle-class people to improve their lives. This is a progressive program that is helping the 98%.
Well who is left that would want Mayor De Blasio to serve only one term? Certainly not the 98% of the people.  Mayor De Blasio has made mistakes but who is perfect. That leaves very few who would vote against Mayor De Blasio for a second term.
Louis G. Albano was former President of Local 375 of District Council 37 AFSCME.

March 3, 2015

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