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Why You’ve Never Heard of UCOMM

October 17, 2019

By Neal Tepel

Long Island, NY – Organized labor has a secret weapon and it was built right under our noses. You’ve never heard of the UCOMM Media Group because you’re not supposed to. UCOMM does internal communications for over 35 local unions and labor councils in the Northeast. Operating under the radar with unions like IBEW, CWA, Teachers and a few choice independent unions, members of these organizations get regular email newsletters and text messages that direct them to websites that are unexpectedly the best in the industry. UCOMM’s force behind that constant communication along with coordinating social and digital media marketing strategies, going on the offensive against powers that look to weaken labors’ influence. Their blog, ranks as a pop-sub cultured news blog, with 100,000 monthly hits. The UCOMM Live podcast attracts thousands on Thursdays at 4 pm on Facebook and YouTube, but if you ever met Kris LaGrange, UCOMM’s founder, you wouldn’t know it. A loud unassuming agitator, LaGrange never discloses what he really does to outsiders. That’s why LaborPress is offering them a regular spot on, so you can see for yourself why UCOMM should be more than a pop-sub culture secret.

October 17, 2019

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