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Who Has the Best Economic Plan – President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney

October 11, 2012
By Carolyn B. Maloney, Member of Congress

Most people on both sides of the aisle agree that the most important choice we will make in this election is about whose policies we should pursue to strengthen the US economy and create jobs: President Barack Obama's, or Mitt Romney's?

In search of the answer, The Economist recently polled 363 of the nation's leading economists to get a read on their opinion on whose economic plan would be better for the country.

Here are the key findings:  

    •    By a large margin, the experts rate President Obama’s overall economic plan more highly than Mr Romney’s plan.
    •    Economists believe President Obama has a better grasp of economics.
    •    A majority of economists think the President is more likely than Mr. Romney to appoint a good economic team.
    •    By a margin of 58% to 10%, leading economists think the President would handle China better than Mr. Romney would.
    •    By a margin of 63% to 15% leading economists think the President would make wiser appointments to the Federal Reserve.

One Republican academic even admitted that: “we have to assume Romney is lying about most of his plans.” And that’s a Republican talking!

As a senior member of the Joint Economic Committee and the Financial Services Committee, I have been proud to play a leading role in supporting policies that have helped to turn the economy around, and put us on the road to full recovery.


October 10, 2012

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