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Walmart Workers Vow Five Weeks of Aggressive Action

November 28, 2015
By JoAnne Powers, Workers Independent News

For a decade, labor activists have used the biggest shopping day of the year as an opportunity to call out the world's largest employer, Walmart, for their poverty wages and mistreatment of workers.

This holiday season UFCW’s Making Change At Walmart Campaign is launching 5 weeks of action, on the ground, in social media and on television, targeting at lest 20 states in the first week and a half. The actions begin today with a Black Friday feed hungry workers initiative called Give Back Friday, with the goal of feeding 100,000 Walmart workers and families. Dave Young is the campaign's Director: [Dave Young]: “Our goal is to bring to light the estimated hundreds of thousands of Walmart Workers who struggle to make ends meet and feed their families all across this country. You will be seeing many, many actions in the coming weeks.

We plan to run one of the most aggressive, coordinated series of actions that we have seen over the last ten years.The retail giant made 16 billion dollars last year in net profit. Barbara Gertz is one of Walmart's workers: [Barb Gertz]: “We're not asking for a handout, but what our hard work should earn. No one in America, no Walmart Worker, who works hard, should have to suffer in poverty. It is wrong that a company this wealthy doesn't pay its employees enough so they can feed their families during every workday, let alone on such special days as Thanksgiving. Gertz says the momentum is building, with more Walmart workers pledging to join and support the campaign than at any time in their history: [Barb Gertz]: “More workers are tired of being harassed and intimidated and fired by Walmart. They're tired of not being able to make it, and the past six month really seemed like just more and more workers are standing up for their rights.”For more labor new and radio visit.

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November 27, 2015

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