Walmart Workers Fight for $15

December 8, 2015
John Quinn, LaborPress USA 

Washington, DC – Black Friday demonstrations across the country clearly showed  the company that Walmart workers will continue to stand up for $15 and full-time employment.

Our on Black Friday set an example for all of labor. Over 1,600 fasted and thousands took action in hundreds of stores across the country. They reached 4.6 million on twitter. Throughout their #Fastfor15, over 300 articles were written.

  • An article IN THESE TIMES titled 'Black Friday Protests' mentioned

The demonstrations this year… demonstrate the tenacity and resiliency of OUR Walmart as an organization and the new depth of worker commitment to changing Walmart.” "…More groups of workers and other constituencies have joined OUR Walmart in trying to transform a day that was once an all-American celebration of the morally and materially full life, then captured and warped into a day of mass marketing into a front in the fight for a more just society.”

December 7, 2015

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