Walmart’s Anti-Union Policy

November 20, 2015
By Tyfani Faulkner, OUR Walmart Member

Sacramento. California – I was recently retaliated against and fired from Walmart after working there for 5 years, while being an active member of OUR Walmart. Now I am fasting outside of Alice Walton's condo in solidarity and support of all Walmart workers who go without eating because they cannot afford to.

Everyday there are associates who go to work with no lunch or an unhealthy lunch because that's all they can afford. Walmart can do better. My co-workers and I are the family that Walmart claims to be. We work together to make sure everyone is able to eat every day. We donate canned goods to each other, share the lunches we bring from home, and oftentimes put our money together so we can buy a decent lunch. One friend might buy a loaf of bread with the last of her food stamps, another associate and I might each put in two dollars to buy some chicken from the deli at Walmart to split between all of us. That’s lunch.

This happens daily in stores across the nation.The Waltons pay poverty wages, and associates who stand up to them are routinely bullied and fired. From now through Black Friday, we’re making our hunger visible by fasting right in front of Walton estates across the country. They need to see the impact of their corporate greed on the associates that work so hard for the company that raked in $16 billion in profits over the last year. As of today we have over a thousand people supporting and fasting with us, including my mother. We are united in calling on Walmart to pay their workers a living wage so we can support ourselves and no longer have hunger be a daily experience for so many Walmart workers.

November 19, 2015

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