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Voting is Critical

October 13, 2016 
By NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York, NY – The people must vote if we want to make this a fairer and better country. October 14th is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

We’re working with food trucks and street carts across the five boroughs selling delicious food and serving up voter registration forms. Join us for #NoshTheVote as we fight for every voice to count.

To ensure the line to the voting booth looks like New York City, we’re making registration forms available in 11 new languages for a total of 16 languages. That means 90% of New Yorkers who have limited English proficiency can now register to vote in the language they speak at home.

Remember, Friday is the last day to register to be eligible to vote for president. So come grab lunch and #NoshTheVote. But if you can’t make it out today, then please visit and register. You can’t vote if you don’t register and if the people want to lead their leaders, then they have to come out and vote!

October 13, 2016

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