Verizon Sending American Jobs Offshore

April 18, 2016
By Neal Tepel 

New York, NY – Almost 40,000 people who work at Verizon across the country went on strike. Their contract expired in August, and months and months of effort to find common ground and requests for the telecommunications giant to negotiate reasonably have failed. So now, as a last resort, they have walked out to hold the line for themselves and those that follow.

Going on strike is a big deal to each of these men and women. They're putting their livelihoods on the picket line, sacrificing paychecks and risking being permanently replaced. They’re not just protesting concessions that would create hardship for their families and endanger the jobs of new and future hires. They’re striking to make sure customers have quality service in the future and American jobs stay in the USA. Verizon is extremely profitable. They  raked in $39 billion over the last three years and $1.8 billion in profits each month so far in 2016.

The company wants to contract out more work offshore. The moving of American Jobs to foreign countries must  be addressed by our President and Congress. The tax structure continues to encourage transferring American factories to Mexico, China and other nations around the globe. If Verizon succeeds in destroying American jobs that sustain families in our country, then other corporations will surely follow suit.

April 17, 2016

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