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University Sends USA Jobs Overseas

February 11, 2017 
By Neal Tepel, LaborPress Publisher

San Francisco, CA – The University of California San Francisco is planning to reduce costs by hiring cheaper foreign workers. Its disgraceful that UC Board of Regents’ is scheming to offshore USA jobs.

UC San Francisco plans to lay off dozens of information technology workers. But first, the university is demanding employees train their own replacements — lower-paid foreign workers from an outsourcing firm. At the end of February, 79 workers, American citizens,  in UCSF’s IT department, are expected to lose their jobs. This is the first phase of a plan that could eliminate thousands more IT jobs across all 10 UC campuses.

UC has awarded a multimillion-dollar contract to a company that plans to hire hundreds of  non-Americans from several countries. Shortly inking the deal, UCSF has announced the layoffs. Not only are USA citizens being fired, but, as a condition of severance, these employees are being required to train the contracted non-Americans.

Congress originally created the H-1B visa program to help employers fill talent gaps. It was never intended to displace American workers. Clearly a procedure that allows UCSF to use the H-1B process to fire Americans must be reviewed by Congress. UC is following the footsteps of a number of private companies that have abused the temporary visa program, including Southern California Edison, Abbott Laboratories, Walt Disney World, Toys “R” Us and New York Life. But as a taxpayer-funded, non-profit institution, UC’s action is an even deeper betrayal against this country and its citizens.

Congress and our President must stop sending good USA jobs overseas.

February 10, 2017

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