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May 12, 2016 Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell

Amherst, NY – Full-Time Faculty and University at Buffalo Adjuncts rallied late last week on the university’s suburban campus to protest unfair University Labor Policies, which they say depend on temporary or contingent labor.

 Adjunct Professors also said they’re not paid a living wage, have no job security and receive little or no benefits for the classes they teach. Convening in the Buffalo Center United University Professions (UUP) Office, the Adjuncts marched across campus on Thursday (May 5th) before holding a news conference where they announced they were among the poorest Workers in the United States, making an average of less than $3,000 a course at UB.

"We ‘want’ fair pay and benefits, protection and job security, a ‘voice’ at work, inclusion, equal treatment and respect," UB Adjunct Faculty Member Sigrid Fertig said.

As an organizer of the Buffalo Adjunct Movement, Fertig says none of them set out to be a Full-Time Adjunct, but colleges and universities are relying on them more and more: "Adjunct Faculty are ‘not the exception anymore, but the rule.’  Without adjuncts, the higher education system ‘could not exist in its current form.’  In 2013, an American Association of University Professors report found that Contingent Faculty and Graduate Students are responsible for seventy-six-percent of university teaching.  Higher education is an ‘incredibly valuable thing’ and ‘we cannot value higher education’ when we pay Adjunct Teachers – who do some of the ‘most valuable work; in this university – poverty level wages."

Many Adjuncts teach multiple courses at several campuses to Make Ends Meet, and Fertig says while those at UB who are teaching at least two courses qualify for health benefits, they're always at risk of losing them if a course is canceled. To read more click on the following link

May 11, 2016

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