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University Employees Call for $15 Minimum Wage

March 6, 2018

By William Keeney

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Student groups, unions and community organizations  rallied at Rutgers-New Brunswick. The protesters at Rutgers University called for a $15 minimum wage for university employees. The demonstration was initiated by the Rutgers American Association of University Professors — American Federation of Teachers (AAUP-AFT) calling on the Rutgers administration to establish a $15 minimum wage for all campus workers and begin negotiations with AAUP-AFT a union of 20,000 members.The minimum wage at the college was raised to $11 per hour last December. The he fight for $15 is continuing across the country. Rutgers AAUP-AFT has  a bargaining platform that addresses equity, job security, affordable healthcare, academic freedom as well as economic issues.

The action is part of the nationally coordinated demonstrations taking place regarding the Supreme Court case Janus v AFSCME.


March 6, 2018

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