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United we bargain, divided we beg

May 27, 2018

By LaborPress Editorial

Elections have consequences and now those consequences are coming to fruition as President Trump develops anti-union policies particularly with federal employees.
Trump signed three Executive Orders that strip away time for unions to prepare grievances and prepare for negotiations, force all federal union contracts to be renegotiated through a new expedited process, and strips away the rights of workers.

“This is more than union busting – it’s democracy busting,” AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. said. “These executive orders are a direct assault on the legal rights and protections that Congress has specifically guaranteed to the 2 million public-sector employees across the country who work for the federal government. President Trump’s executive orders do nothing to help federal workers do their jobs better. In fact, they do the opposite by depriving workers of their rights to address and resolve workplace issues.”

Trump tried to play to the private sector unions by saying he supported American steel and a trillion dollar infrastructure program. He claimed he wanted to boost the coal industry. Trump consistently lies. He has always pushed for “right to work” legislation in every state and the federal government. Both public and private sector unions tried to warn everyone that this snake oil salesman was not to be trusted.

“The Oval Office needs to be occupied by a serious candidate who understands what it means to govern responsibly,” Teamsters President James Hoffa said. “Donald Trump supports national right-to-work laws that are proven to weaken the middle class and has a long track record of shipping jobs out of the country as a businessman. He is no friend to working Americans.”


May 27, 2018

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