United Transportation Alliance Launches App-based Taxi Service

March 25, 2015
By Stephanie West

Taxi riders in Newark can now enjoy the convenience of using a cell phone app to book a cab with the security of knowing the dispatched driver is licensed and insured, and that the vehicle they are about to get into has been inspected and regularly maintained.

The Transunion Car Service [] is a joint venture of CWA 1039 and the United Transportation Alliance (UTA) – a new affiliate of CWA 1039 and the New Jersey State AFL-CIO which is already 300 members strong.
UTA taxi drivers are already benefitting from the union’s many supports and protections, including access to a credit union, affordable legal assistance for traffic court, immigration support and health care, life insurance and pension benefits.
UTA is the fastest-growing multi-ethnic union in the state, and its mission is to transform the taxi industry. 
The UTA’s board of directors has gone beyond organizing to establish Transunion Car Service (TCS), which combines the ease of booking a cab electronically with the security of knowing that driver and vehicle are fully licensed, regulated and insured.
“It’s the best of both worlds,” says Lionel Leach, president of CWA 1039. “TCS customers can get a cab easily and ride with peace of mind. TCS drivers are caring professionals and proud union members whose background, credentials and cars have been fully vetted.”
Based in Newark, the Transunion Car Service, is expected to soon be available in Atlantic City as well, and in both Elizabeth and Hoboken later this fall. Customers can visit the website and download the app, or call 855-RIDE-TCS or 973-297-1111

March 24, 2015

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