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Unionized Health Care Workers Turn Their Focus On

June 23, 2016 
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell  

Buffalo, NY – For the past 10 years, Buffalo Nurse Sarah Buckley has dedicated her professional life attempting to bring about passage of a Safe Staffing Law for Health Care Workers across the State of New York. 

After years of hard work carried out by so many, the Safe Staffing For Quality Act was passed in the Assembly last week and an “amazed” Buckley and her fellow supporters are now focused on getting the act passed in the Senate, telling “We won’t stop.”

On Tuesday (June 14th), the Assembly passed the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act.  It was the first time the Safe Staffing Legislation had progressed this far in New York State, Union Officials announced in celebration.  After the successful Assembly vote, Union-represented Nurses and Care Givers delivered more than 30,000 petition signatures to the State Senate, urging lawmakers there to support and pass the Safe Staffing Bill too.

“I was ‘really amazed,’” Buckley told Your On-Line Labor Newspaper when asked what her reaction was when she received news the Safe Staffing for Quality Act had passed in the State Assembly by a final vote of 108-to-32 ( Editor’s Note: Western New York Assemblyman Robin Schimminger, who had been the target of an Labor Campaign to secure his support of the bill – see the June 6th story headlined: Buffalo Area Assemblyman Robin Schimminger ‘Comes Under Fire’ From CWA-Led Patient Safety Coalition, Publicly Telling Him: ‘Stop Stalling’ & Support Passage Of The Statewide Safe Staffing For Quality Care Act – voted against passage of the bill, according to Buckley).

“I was at a national political conference in Washington, D.C. and our CWA team was ‘streaming’ the vote on computer.  We had CWA Members in Albany in the gallery watching it ‘live’ and listening to the testimony that was given,” Buckley said.  “Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (Democrat/Working Families – Forestburgh) is a Registered Nurse and did an ‘amazing’ job answering Republican attacks (on the bill).  It was ‘really beautiful’ and ‘it was a long time in coming’ in order to ‘acknowledge’ what our front-line Health Care Workers need.” To read more click on the following link

June 23, 2016

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