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Union Busting at Veterans Adm

August 20, 2019

By Joe Levine

MILWAUKEE, WI – AFGE members working at the Milwaukee  Veterans Administration are under attack by anti-union forces at the federal government.

AFGE members have documented  shocking accounts of measures that the VA administration is taking to remove union rights. VA administrators are ignoring past contract and refusing to negotiate a future contract. VA negotiators are proposing scrapping most of the present union agreement.

“We have to stand up and fight!” said AFGE district organizer Don Evans as he railed against the anti-union tactics of the VA and Trump administration. “You want to make America great? No more shutdowns, stop balancing the budget with our paychecks,” continued Evans, “You want to make America great? Restore the integrity of the VA hospital and bargain in good faith!”

Under the Trump administration, federal agencies including the Department of Veterans Affairs have essentially declared war on federal government workers and their unions. VA employees who are active in their union, enforcing the contract and defending workplace rights, are being singled out and targeted for discipline and harassment by management. The assault on union rights at the VA is part of a much larger effort by the Trump administration and employer-funded groups to weaken unions and disenfranchise workers.

August 20, 2019

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