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UMWA: Walter Energy Using Courts To Cheat Pensioners And Widows

December 17, 2015
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

The United Mine Workers of America is challenging an effort by Walter Energy to use bankruptcy laws to throw out the union contract, eliminating health care for retirees while also cutting jobs, wages and other benefits. The UMWA's Daryl Dewberry says the union is also asking the court to block big bonuses being paid to management executives.

[Daryl Dewberry]: "It's just unheard of as to what they're tryin' to do, And usin' the legal system, the court system, to cheat the pensioners, the widows and the coal miners of what they've earned and worked for and what they're due while payin' the CEO and all the upper echelon millions of dollars. The CEO $6.2 million in money and stocks and stuff. That money would have gone a long way." Dewberry says Walter Energy set up the company to fail. And he says bankruptcy laws need to be changed to protect working people, and not to benefit corporations.
[Daryl Dewberry]: "These bankruptcy laws need to be revisited. I think Abraham Lincoln said it best. In 1864 to one of his Colonels that he fears for what will happen when the big corporations in high places dictate what goes on in this country, and will destroy the republic of the United States."

December 16, 2015

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  1. I am being cheated out of my husbands pension for three years and the UMWA will not help me!

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