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TWU Local 234 On Strike At SEPTA

November 3, 2016  
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

Pennsylvania, PA – Thousands of TWU Local 234 members are on strike at SEPTA – Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. The union says it’s on strike after SEPTA refused to move on key issues.

TWU Local 234 President Willie Brown told reporters that “Despite months of constructive and innovative proposals from our side of the table, management has refused to budge on key issues including safety issues that would save lives and not cost SEPTA a dime. There is no new agreement, so we are on strike.”

The union is concerned not just about pensions and health care, but also non-economic issues like schedules, break time and driver fatigue.

The strike shuts down Philadelphia’s public transit. SEPTA says it will seek to enjoin the strike for November 8th to make sure voters in Philadelphia can get to the polls. To hear the audio click the following link

November 2, 2016

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