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Trumps Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico Death Toll Remarks Inaccurate

September 28, 2018

By State Senator Gustavo Rivera

WASHINGTON, DC – “Over three thousand human beings died in Puerto Rico as a direct result of Hurricane Maria. That is a fact. That is not a made-up number, but an evidence-based statement independently confirmed by prestigious universities and non-partisan organizations. To suggest otherwise further proves the profouand lack of character and empathy that Trump and his administration haved consistently demonstrated towards our fellow Americans since this unprecedented natural disaster struck.

To use their tragic and untimely deaths to score cheap political points is not only sickening, but morally corrupt to its very core. This enraging statement, along with the other pathetic one made earlier this week in which Trump boasted about the apparent “success” of the federal government’s response in Puerto Rico, paints an even clearer picture of this administration’s deliberate disregard for the people of Puerto Rico AND the future of the island. He can continue to lie but we, those who profoundly love the island, will continue to fight fiercely so that Puerto Rico is rebuilt by Puerto Ricans and for Puerto Ricans.”

September 28, 2018

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