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Trump’s Contempt for Our Courts

February 18, 2017 
By Congressman Jerry Nadler

Washington, DC – Donald Trump went to war against Judge James Robart — a Republican appointee — who dared to stand up against his destructive, dangerous and ill-conceived refugee ban.

He doubled down when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals appeared skeptical of the administration’s attempted justification of the ban, calling the hearing “disgraceful.”

The judges were doing their jobs with honor and integrity, seeking to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States, and serving as a check against an executive run wild.

Congress must also serve as check against the President’s excesses, and I have already taken action in the House to push back on this attack against the judiciary. With several of my Democratic colleagues, I introduced a resolution yesterday condemning Trump’s disgraceful attacks and reaffirming the principles of judicial independence.

This resolution will force our Republican colleagues to take a stand — are they willing to allow Trump to undermine the judicial system and threaten the legitimacy of our courts with his reality-TV style attacks?

If Senate Republicans’ vote to silence Elizabeth Warren for reading Coretta Scott King’s criticism of Jeff Sessions is any indication of how the GOP will treat dissent, I know we have a tough fight ahead of us to protect our very system of government, which is founded on respect for co-equal branches of government and independent debate. And now that Sessions has been confirmed as Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, it is even more imperative that we protect our judiciary.

This is why we MUST work together to keep pushing back, standing up against every attack, and most importantly, to take back the House in 2018. I am working with other progressive Members of Congress to lead the opposition in the House, and we are counting on your support.

It’s on us to stand with Elizabeth Warren and Coretta Scott King – and with our honorable judges around the country — and send a message to Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell that we will not be silenced.

February 17, 2017

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